Pro-Gaza Protesters Disrupt Biden-Obama-Clinton Record Fundraiser

The streets outside and atmosphere inside Radio City Music Hall offered a dramatic split-screen on Thursday as pro-Palestinian protesters attempted to disrupt a massive fundraiser for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign featuring former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

As a phalanx of police officers surrounded the historic venue, a large group of marchers stood outside waving Palestinian and other flags and chanting slogans, with some denouncing Mr Biden as having “blood on [his] hands” for America’s continued support of the Israeli government during the country’s six-month-old war on Hamas.

Protesters also made it inside the fundraiser by purchasing tickets with the intent of interrupting the evening’s programme to express their displeasure over the war, which has killed more than 30,000 Gaza residents since it began after the 7 October terror attacks by Hamas.

During what Mr Biden’s re-election campaign called an “armchair conversation” with the 46th president, former president Bill Clinton and former president Barack Obama, one protester began shouting “shame on you, Joe Biden!” before being ushered out by security.

And as Mr Clinton began to answer a question about what he missed most about the presidency, another protester began shouting obscenities about Ukraine and Russia before being joined by other protesters.


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