My Primary Constituency Is The Kitchen And The Other Room – Senator Binta

Lordson Okpetu

President Buhari, last week, in far-away Germany, said his wife, Aisha Buhari belongs to his kitchen and other room. The Nigerian President made the statement while addressing a press conference in Berlin, Germany. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, was by his side when he made the statement.

While the comment did not go down well with a section of the Nigerian populace who have descended heavily on the President for his comments on the first lady’s outburst about his ‘lopsided’ appointments in an interview she granted BBC Hausa, a good number of Nigerian’s have continue to throw their weights behind the president.

Video: Senator Binta supports Buhari, says she’s proud to be in the kitchen and the other room

Senator Binta Garba is the latest high profile personality to throw her weight behind the president. Before expressing her views on the released Chibok girls during a plenary session on Wednesday, the senator stated that her primary constituency is her kitchen, and of course, the other room.

Watch live video below:

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