Pragmatic Technologies CEO, Biodun Marquis, Is A Year Older Today


By Lordson Okpetu

The CEO of Pragmatic Technologies, Biodun Marquis, today Dec 26 turns a year older. The event was marked by a surprise party organised by Staff of Pragmatic Technologies at the Obanikoro headquarters of the company, on Friday, Dec 23.

Described as a great leader with an eye for perfection by his members of staff, Biodun Marquis, prefers a low profile lifestyle devoid of social activities, hence the surprise party.

Biodun Marquis is, however, not a  stranger to running successful businesses in Nigeria. At a time when the Indians were dominating the inverter market in Nigeria, Biodun Marquis, audaciously threw his hat into the ring with a promise to become Nigeria’s leading indigenous inverter brand name.

“Many people told me that it can’t be done when I told them that Pragmatic Technologies will dominate the inverter market in Nigeria,” said Biodun Marquis.

Mr Marquis and a cross section of members of staff.
Mr Marquis and a cross section of members of staff who organised a surprise party for him at the office on his 50th birthday.

Today, Pragmatic Technologies, under the leadership of Biodun Marquis, an Electrical Electronics graduate of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, is actively providing a number of electronic products like inverters, stabilizers, energy saving LEDS, consumer health monitoring technology etc.  Its flagship products, however, are Inverters and Stabilizers, under the PRAG brand name, which are, unarguably, the clear leaders in the Nigerian market.

Biodun Marquis is also the publisher of Nigeria’s fastest growing online news site, Concise News Global.


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