Police Should Learn From Seun Kuti’s Case – Mr Macaroni

Comedian Mr Macaroni has said the incident in which Afrobeat musician, Seun Kuti, slapped a policeman should teach the Police Force a lesson on brutality.

According to him, a policeman being at the receiving end of brutality should be enough to teach them exactly what those assaulted by officers of the force feel.

He tweeted, “I love how the Nigerian Police is quickly seeking Justice for one of theirs who was assaulted. I hope such speed is also applied when Citizens are being harassed and brutalized by the Nigerian Police.

“While I totally condemn assault on Police officers, I also condemn any form of maltreatment against Seun Kuti.

“As the police attempt to fight for the rights of one of theirs, Seun Kuti’s rights must also be respected.

“The Law should be allowed to take its course.

“I hope the Nigerian Police understand how the people also feel when they assault, brutalize, humiliate and oppress us.

“All we want is for things to be done rightly. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. I hope the Police and the Citizens understand this.

“It should be Good against Evil. Not the Police Vs Citizens because we all are capable of both good and evil.
If we want a better society, we must encourage good and shun evil.”

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