Police Recover Pistol After Stop and Search in Delta

Delta State Police Command Spokesman, DSP Bright Edafe, has emphasized the significance of stop and search procedures following a recent incident in Kwale, Delta State.

A distress call prompted police intervention on a commercial vehicle bound for Asaba. According to Edafe, officers stopped the vehicle and conducted a thorough search of all passengers. One passenger was found in possession of a cut-to-size gun and two live cartridges, discreetly concealed within a bag of smoked fish.

The discovery led to the immediate detention of the individual carrying the illegal items, while the remaining passengers were allowed to continue their journey. Emphasizing the necessity of such operations, Edafe highlighted the vital role stop and search plays in ensuring public safety.

Speaking on the inconvenience caused to passengers, Edafe urged cooperation and patience with law enforcement personnel during such procedures. He stressed the importance of understanding and support from the public in maintaining security and preventing criminal activities.

The incident underscores the effectiveness of proactive policing strategies in combating illicit activities and ensuring the safety of communities. The swift response of the Delta State Police Command exemplifies their commitment to enforcing law and order across the region.

While acknowledging potential disruptions to travel plans, Edafe reiterated the imperative of collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the public in upholding security standards.

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