Police Raid Criminal Hideouts, Arrests Dozens in Adamawa

In a coordinated operation on the 17th of March 2024, the Adamawa State Police Command executed a targeted raid on criminal hideouts and black spots within the state. The operation yielded significant results, with law enforcement officials apprehending a total of 58 suspects implicated in various criminal activities.

Among those detained, 40 individuals were arrested on charges related to Shila Gangsterism, marking a substantial blow to organized crime in the region. Additionally, 11 suspects were apprehended in connection with kidnapping activities, underscoring the authorities’ commitment to combating this heinous crime.

Furthermore, the operation led to the capture of seven armed robbery suspects, who were allegedly involved in robbing drivers and occupants of two vehicles. The recovery of crucial exhibits further strengthened the case against the apprehended individuals. These exhibits included a Prado Jeep bearing registration number ABJ 344 HX, a Hummer Bus with registration number RSH 79 FA, as well as two AK-47 rifles and 25 rounds of live ammunition.

In addition to the firearms and vehicles, law enforcement officials seized a substantial sum of cash totaling 10,960 units of currency. Moreover, a polythene bag containing an assortment of charms, rings, a power bank, and two GSM handsets, alongside ropes and other items, was recovered from the suspects’ possession.

The successful outcome of this operation underscores the Adamawa State Police Command’s unwavering determination to tackle criminal elements operating within its jurisdiction. By dismantling criminal networks and apprehending those responsible for unlawful activities, law enforcement authorities aim to enhance public safety and security across the state.

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