Police on Stop-and-search Duty Must Be on Uniform – IGP

In a directive from the Nigeria Police Force, Assistant Commissioner of Police Olumuyiwa Adejobi conveyed that the Inspector-General of Police, IGP Kayode Egbetoku, has issued orders requiring all policemen engaged in routine patrol and stop-and-search operations to wear their official uniforms. ACP Adejobi emphasized the importance of police visibility and accountability during these activities, asserting that officers must not operate in civilian attire.

The spokesman emphasized the longstanding tradition within the police force where every officer must be readily identifiable, with no room for anonymity while carrying out official duties. This mandate aims to ensure transparency and enhance public trust in law enforcement activities across Nigeria.

He shared on X, “IGP has directed that all policemen on routine patrol and stop and search must be in uniform. On no account should any policeman be on the road in mufti. It’s a tradition in the police that every policeman must be identified. No unknown police. Every policeman is known and traceable.”

The directive underscores the significance of clear and identifiable police presence in maintaining law and order, as well as fostering a sense of security within communities. By requiring officers to wear uniforms during routine patrols and stop-and-search operations, the Nigerian Police Force aims to uphold its commitment to professionalism and accountability in policing practices.

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