Police Intercept Minibus Carrying Weapons in Lagos, Arrest Driver

In a dawn operation, operatives of the Lagos State Police Command intercepted a minibus suspected of criminal activity, leading to the arrest of the driver and the recovery of illicit weapons.

According to the spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the incident unfolded around 5 am when anti-crime patrol officers from Maroko Division observed a minibus executing a sudden u-turn upon encountering police presence on Hakeem Dickson Street.

Responding swiftly, law enforcement officers initiated pursuit of the suspicious vehicle. As the chase ensued, six individuals disembarked from the minibus, dispersing in different directions in an attempt to evade capture. Despite their efforts, officers managed to apprehend the driver, identified as Azeez Babatunde, who remained inside the vehicle.

A subsequent search of the minibus yielded alarming discoveries, with law enforcement recovering two locally-made pistols, two unexpended cartridges, and a knife from the vehicle’s interior. The seizure of these weapons underscores the potential threat posed by illicit firearms circulating within the city.

SP Hundeyin affirmed that investigations into the incident are currently underway, as authorities seek to unravel the circumstances surrounding the transportation of illegal firearms and identify any potential accomplices involved in the criminal enterprise.

This interception serves as a testament to the vigilance and proactive measures undertaken by the Lagos State Police Command to combat crime and ensure the safety and security of residents within the state.

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