Police Demand Arrest Of Trinity Guy For Disturbing Video With Minor

Outrage Sparks Police Action as Skitmaker Crosses the Line

The Nigeria Police Force has called for the immediate arrest of popular skitmaker Trinity Guy following the release of a disturbing video involving a young girl.

The video shows Trinity Guy making inappropriate threats and subjecting the girl to emotional distress, prompting widespread condemnation and demands for legal action.

Video Raises Concerns of Child Abuse, Police Take a Stand

The video in question depicts Trinity Guy intimidating the young girl, coercing her into making false confessions and even demanding explicit details about his own body.

The distressing nature of the video sparked outrage among viewers, leading to an immediate response from the Nigeria Police Force.

CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the official spokesperson for the Nigeria Police Force, took to social media to express his disgust and called for the swift arrest and prosecution of Trinity Guy.

Adejobi labelled the video as both “rubbish” and “criminal,” emphasizing the serious nature of the offense and vowing to take decisive action against the skitmaker.

He wrote, “This is rubbish and criminal. This guy should be arrested and charged to court. We will act as soon as possible. I hate this scene. Child abuse!!!.”

Repeat Offender Raises Concerns, Public Safety at Risk

This incident comes on the heels of a previous controversial skit by Trinity Guy that caused panic among viewers. In that particular video, Trinity Guy staged a fake shooting, causing one individual to flee in fear and another to hastily retreat after encountering a dog.

Adejobi had previously voiced his displeasure regarding Trinity Guy’s previous skit, highlighting the potential dangers and disruptions caused by such irresponsible content.

With the release of the current video involving a minor, concerns about child abuse and the psychological impact on the young girl have intensified, further fueling the demand for immediate legal action.

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