Police Bust Kidnappers, Injure Four Suspects in Delta

The Delta State Commissioner of Police, CP. Wale Abass, on September 12, took swift action in response to a surge in reported kidnappings along the Jesse axis of the state.

According to a satement by the state police command, the CP directed the deployment of elite operatives, including the Special Anti-Kidnapping and Cyber Crime Squad (SAKCCS) and DOPS Buffalo team, from the Delta State Police Command to this high-risk area.

On September 18, 2023, during a joint patrol along Jesse – Igueleba in Edo State, this team of dedicated law enforcement professionals encountered a gang of armed bandits lurking in the bushes, ready to strike unsuspecting motorists. The criminal elements, spotting the approaching police team, initiated an attack by firing upon the lead pickup van’s front tire, effectively immobilizing the vehicle. However, they grossly underestimated the resilience of the officers.

A fierce gun battle erupted as the police swiftly engaged the armed bandits. Ultimately, the criminals succumbed to the superior firepower and tactical acumen of the police officers. The pursuit of the offenders led deep into the forest, resulting in four suspected kidnappers sustaining fatal injuries. Law enforcement also successfully recovered an AK47 rifle along with twenty-five rounds of live ammunition from the scene.

The wounded suspects received medical attention at the hospital but were later pronounced dead. CP Wale Abass, the Commissioner of Police, expressed his deep appreciation for the bravery displayed by his officers. He commended their gallantry and urged them to maintain this high level of dedication in combating kidnapping and other criminal activities.

Furthermore, CP Abass made a public appeal for citizens to assist the police in their efforts by providing credible information. By working together, the community and law enforcement can create a safer environment for all residents of the state.

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