Police Boss Justifies Killing Of Shi’ite Members In Kano

police boss
Inspector General of Police Idris Ibrahim

Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police Idris Ibrahim believes Monday’s shooting and killing of some members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria was in order.

Members of the Islamic group, also known as Shi’ite, clashed with men of the Nigeria police in Kano, resulting in the death of over 10 members of the group and a police officer.

The clash reportedly started around Tamburawa, when the police tried to stop a Shi’ite protest.

And the police boss believes that citizens should not be killed during riots. But he said when the police are threatened with weapons, then they have no other choice.

IG commends officers

“If those involved in the riot are armed to the teeth, killing police officers, the method deployed by the police should be appreciated.

“Killing police officers! I don’t think it happens anywhere. We have to appreciate a dangerous situation and be sympathetic with the police that are being killed by some of these miscreants.”‎

The police boss was responding to questions from journalists at the end of the 2017 Armed Forces Remembrance Day Emblem launch.

The IMN on Sunday had accused Nigerian soldiers of plotting to block its members’ Kano-bound march. It also alleged that the troops trained their weapons on them.

Police officers were attacked – IG

Some have asked why the police can’t adopt a different method of curtailing clashes with citizens. The police IG said: “I agree with what you said. But when you have Nigerians armed to the teeth, killing police officers, I don’t think it happens anywhere.

”They attacked our officers, killed one, while another sustained an arrow wound to the head. In such a situation, the police have the responsibility to ensure free movement of people on the road. And that was what our officers did.”

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