Police Arrest Social Media User Behind ‘Let’s Kill All The Igbos’

In a significant development, the Osun Police Command has successfully apprehended an individual named Kehinde Adesogba Adekusibe, a 28-year-old man, for his offensive social media activity.

Adekusibe stands accused of violating the social media policy by posting a tweet that read, “Let’s kill all the Igbos.”

Combating Hate Speech: Osun Police Command Takes a Stand

The Osun Police Command, recognizing the seriousness and potential harm of hate speech, acted swiftly to address the issue.

The arrest of Adekusibe sends a clear message that inciting violence and promoting hatred on social media will not be tolerated in the state of Osun.

Promoting Responsible Online Behavior: A Call to Action

This incident served as a reminder for all social media users to exercise caution and responsibility when engaging online.

The Command urged individuals to use social media platforms as a means to foster unity, understanding, and productive dialogue, rather than spreading messages of hate and division.

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