Police Arrest Drug Dealer, Customer in Lagos

Police officers from the Sabo Division in Lagos made a significant breakthrough during a routine surveillance patrol, apprehending a drug dealer, 67-year-old Orji Isaac, in the act of selling drugs to 22-year-old Lekan Ganiyu.

The arrest marks a notable development in the ongoing efforts to combat drug-related activities in the area.

Following their apprehension, both Isaac and Ganiyu will undergo thorough investigation procedures before being arraigned in court to face charges related to drug trafficking and possession.

The swift action taken by law enforcement underscores the commitment of authorities to crack down on illicit drug networks operating within the community.

Details surrounding the specific types and quantities of drugs seized during the operation have yet to be disclosed.

However, the successful operation serves as a testament to the vigilance and dedication of the Sabo Division police officers in upholding law and order within Lagos.

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