Pogba To Man City Is A No-Brainer – Redknapp

Former England midfielder, Jamie Redknapp, has said Paul Pogba leaving Manchester United to Manchester City is a no-brainer.

Asides City, Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are interested in the World Cup winner.

However, City appears to be the most interested as they are looking to make him the latest player to cross from United to their club.

Speaking on the speculation, Redknapp told Sky Sports: “It would be an incredible move and one that if I’m honest I haven’t seen coming. But you have to weigh it up; it’s a free transfer, he’ll have a point to prove because he’s taken a lot of stick while he’s been at Manchester United.

“I’ve always watched Pep Guardiola in games between United and City, and he’s always gone over to him and had dialogue. He obviously respects him as a player.

“There was talk a few years ago that he might go for him. A player of his quality, no matter what you say about him, as a free transfer – high wages of course but that’s not a problem for Man City – you’d take him in a heartbeat.

“He adds a lot to this team and I think he’d be hungry to come and show what he can do. He lives in the area, it would be an incredible move, a brave move, but I’d love to see that in the Premier League. I think it makes sense all round.”

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