Pilgrims Board Move Against Absconding Pilgrims

Pilgrims Board
Rev. Uja

Pilgrims Board in Nigeria has said it has put in place measures to prevent christian pilgrims for absconding.

Executive Secretary, Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC), Rev. Uja Tor Uja, made this disclosure in Abuja.

According to him, in future only people duly employed and married will perform the Christian pilgrimage so as to check absconding of pilgrims. He described pilgrims’ defection after the spiritual exercise as “a sore point” for the country.

“Absconding is a sore point in pilgrimage because even those foreign nations, they want to lure Nigerian youths to stay in their countries. Because Nigerians are energetic, they are brilliant and they are dependable.”

“So, many of these foreign nations want to lure them. So, the structures we have put in place include what I have said before, screening.”

“We want to limit those who don’t have any proper engagement or family commitment even though they may be sincere.”

Pilgrims Board To Engage Security Operatives

Uja added that commission will engage security operatives in efforts to stall pilgrims’ defection.

He said the commission would also continue to give pilgrims orientations to discourage them from absconding after the exercise.

The executive secretary pointed out that being a faceless person in a foreign country is worse than remaining a poor Nigerian at home.

He urged defectors to return to Nigeria in order to contribute their quota to national development. Also, he urged churches to take ownership of the Christian pilgrimage.

The executive secretary explained that the goal of the commission has been to reposition and create a new orientation to Christians and the Church on pilgrimage.

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