Perm Sec Of Lagos Civil Engagement Bows Out

The Lagos State Head of Service, Mr. Hakeem Muri-Okunola has extolled the good qualities, experience and contributions of the Permanent Secretary of the Office of Civic Engagement, Mr. Ogunnubi Olukayode who recently retired from active service upon the attainment of 60 years statutory age for retirement.

The Head of Service said the retiring Permanent Secretary has distinguished himself in and outside of Public Service as a gentleman and a consummate professional.

He further described Ogunnubi as a hardworking, reliable and dedicated Public Administrator who is particularly passionate about impacting positively on the lives of all those he may come across in all walks of life.

In his words, “I am proud to note that your record of service as a highly respected manager of human and material resources was without blemish. You demonstrated honour and integrity at all times while showing exemplary leadership qualities at all your duty posts”.

“Your appointment as a Permanent Secretary in the State Public Service did not, therefore, come as a surprise to many. Having demonstrated extensive knowledge and experience in your professional field of Estate Management, your competencies and impressive qualities were further buttressed in other leadership positions in the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Civil Service Pensions Office and the Office of Civic Engagement, among others”, he added.

According to him, Mr. Ogunnubi’s personal and professional accomplishments and contributions to policy formulation and implementation have, without a doubt, contributed to the continued growth and development of the State Public Service and Lagos State in general.

Before his deployment to the Office of Civic Engagement, Mr. Ogunnubi was the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Civil Service Pension Office at the Ministry of Establishment, Training and Pensions, with a primary responsibility of processing the entitlement of officers who retired from public service.

In 2020, he introduced the online verification exercise for pensioners throughout the State where ‘I AM ALIVE’ verification exercise was conducted for pensioners in their comfort zones. He was also able to reduce the financial burdens of the State Government caused by ghost pensioners.

At the Office of Civic Engagement, Olukayode Timothy Ogunnubi also established the Department of Citizens Engagement to attend to the needs and complaints of the citizens through constant engagements. He started his career as a Land Officer in the then Lagos State Land and Housing in 1992.

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