PepsiCo Moves To Cut Down on Sugar

PepsiCo Inc has announced that it will reduce sugar content on all its products by 2025. This it plans to achieve by introducing more zero and low-calorie drinks and reformulating existing drinks. Its also targets lowering sodium and saturated fat.

PepsiCo and rivals Coca-Cola have come under pressure in recent times from health experts and governments. They blame them for fuelling epidemics of obesity and diabetes.

PepsiCo, Coca-Cola Reacts To Pressure From WHO, Others

The World Health Organization this month recommended taxes on sugary drinks, to curb consumption and improve health. France and Mexico have already made a move on this but the soft drinks industry opposes such taxes

Despite its name, PepsiCo generates only 12 percent of its $63 billion in annual revenue from its famous cola brand. It makes 25 percent from carbonated soft drinks such as Mountain Dew. The rest comes from waters and juices including the Tropicana brand, plus snacks and dips such as hummus and guacamole.

The New York based PepsiCo says the new global target is more ambitious than its previous goal of reducing sugar by 25 percent in certain drinks in certain markets by 2020.

Coke has also said that by 2020 it would offer low-calorie or no-calorie options in every market.

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