PDP G5 Will Support Presidential Candidate With Integrity – Wike

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has stated that the presidential candidate he and the G5 governors will back is someone who is thought to have integrity, keeps his word, and won’t break any agreements negotiated.

He made this statement during a rally hosted by the Rivers State PDP branch to launch its campaign in the Emohua Local Government Area on Wednesday in Rumuji-Odegwe town.

Governor Wike urged certain state officials, like Sergeant Awuse, who said party loyalists in the state were eagerly awaiting guidance on the presidential election, to maintain their composure while the choice of a favored presidential candidate was being made.

“Chief Awuse has said, “ we are tired of waiting.” Indeed, we are tired of waiting. But don’t worry. You’ve been patient. Your being patient will not be taken for granted. The bell will soon ring. When you hear the bell, listen to where the bell is coming from and go and do what you have been told to do.

“I can assure you all these buccaneers, all these vampires, we will teach them a lesson. All those who said Rivers State is not important, we’ll tell them that Rivers State is important. If you play with us, we’ll play with you. If they play with us, we’ll play with them. Enough is enough.

“So, let me apologise and plead with Ohna, Nne-New-Eli Emohua Local Government, it is almost time, endure. Very soon you’ll hear and I can assure them, no going back.”

The governor said he has been waiting patiently for those who threatened to expel him from the PDP to act out their threat. He noted those issuing such threat were not oblivious that PDP is already polarised, and taking such action against him and his allies will lead to the extinction of the party.

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