PDP, APC Not Reliable, Junaid Mohammed Says

Junaid Mohammed

Second Republic lawmaker Dr Junaid Mohammed has called on Nigerians to create new political party.

The elder statesman stressed that the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are unreliable.

Mohammed said: “Both political parties are two sides of a coin. Both are irresponsible. Both have top members who are very corrupt.

“As much as Nigerians are disgusted with the performance or non-performance of President Buhari, I don’t think they see an alternative in the PDP or most people who are now making noise about wanting to get Buhari out of power. This is a very unfortunate situation.

“What the PDP is offering to us presently is nothing. What anyone, who is currently dissatisfied may want to do, is to form a new political party.

“But in Nigeria, everyone is an opportunist; they want to defect to a political party, make money and grab positions.

“Unfortunately, the party system in Nigeria is still evolving. This is my concern. We do not have strong alternatives yet to the present administration.”

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