Pastors Who Give ‘Divine Testimonies About Proceeds’ Are Hypocrites – Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze Blasts Tithers, Pastors, Hypocrites
Freeze. Photo credit: Instagram.

The founder of Free The Sheeple, Daddy Freeze, has condemned people who are not bold to do whatever they practice in secret in public.

The on-air personality was reacting to a write-up in which the writer urged successful people not to lead those striving astray.

Freeze frowned at the upload, saying that hypocritical life was vain, as he urged people to say the truth.

According to the OAP, some have slept with the opposite sex to attain the position they are, but would rather praise tithing for the feet.

Giving other categories, he added that some people visit native doctors in order to get rich just as he claimed some join a brotherhood for money making.

He wrote, “Instead of coming to hypocritically ‘form holy’, saying crap like I prayed and paid my tithes so God blessed me, tell them the damn truth!

“I screwed someone and they gave me money or a contract, I joined a brotherhood and got a promotion after a borehole was dug behind me, my babalawo gave me what to recite and spray before I met my clients, I used my mother and sister’s pants and collected their destinies, I’m sleeping with my pastor and he is dashing me money, politicians pay me well for genital services, I ‘blow’ so well it became my full time ‘job’, I built a house for my parents from olosho services. I’m using my vulva to train my younger ones in school etc.”

In a related development, Daddy Freeze claims that the highest form of hypocrisy emanates from the altar. He said clerics climb the altar after being promiscuous behind it.

“The highest level of hypocrisy by the way, is when they now climb pulpits to give divine testimonies about the proceeds of their whoring,” he added

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