Panel to Probe Death of Lady Rejected by Maitama General Hospital – Ohanenye

The Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Ohanenye, has said a panel has been set up to investigate the death of one Miss Great Olorunfemi who was pushed out of a moving ‘One Chance’ vehicle.

The deceased had been rushed to the Maitama General Hospital for treatment following the incident but was reportedly denied such before she passed away.

During a visit to the hospital for fact-findings, Ohanenye stated that she learnt of the panel to probe her death, adding that the panel consists of non-governmental organizations, Civil Society Organisations, Council of Nurses and other bodies.

In a statement she shared on X, the Minister vowed that the issue must never be swept under the carpet.

She said, “Pursuant to an earlier resolve, I have stated categorically that the incident involving Miss Great Olorunfemi who was allegedly denied medical attention at Maitama General Hospital after being violently pushed out from a vehicle in motion by a “one chance” syndicate in the FCT cannot be swept under the carpet.

“During my surprise visit to the Accident and Emergency Unit of the hospital, I made it clear that a follow-up is imperative on this matter. This issue has become a recurring decimal as many people with emergency cases are denied medical attention and they subsequently die. The life of every woman and child must be protected at all cost. The deceased wasn’t just a daughter, she was also a citizen of our dear country Nigeria and she was entitled to the protection of her fundamental human rights.

“I met the Matron in charge of the Accident and Emergency Unit, Mrs Habiba Musa who stated that the deceased was on Thursday, 26th September, brought in dead and was not denied medical attention. She added that her pulse was thready and her heart beat had stopped as at the time she was brought to the hospital.

“I was unconvinced by what I considered their alibi. I requested to see the Chief Medical Director, Dr. Igbinovia Imuentien whom I was told had gone for a meeting. I was informed of an independent panel of investigation seating at the Health Secretariat. I moved to the venue of the said seating. There, the FCT Mandate Secretary, Heath Services and Environment, Dr. Adedolapo Fasawe informed me that an Independent Investigative Panel was set up for a thorough investigation of the incident.
According to her, the panel consists of Non-governmental organizations, Civil Society Organisations, Council of Nurses and other bodies with the terms of reference:- Investigation and discovering the true circumstances that led to the tragic death of the deceased.

“At my demand, the Mandate Secretary formally included the Youth Council of Nigeria in the Panel of Investigation. It was also announced that I will preside over another internally constituted panel that will also look into the death of the deceased.

“I addressed the panelists, commended the Mandate Secretary for the initiative and reiterated that it is high time Nigerians started doing things properly. It is high time we took the importance of human lives seriously. The paramedics whose duty it is to save lives must be active and responsive

“You will recall that Late Miss Great Olorunfemi was reportedly pushed out from a moving car believed to be a “one chance” car. The term “one chance car” is associated with cars used in robbing unsuspecting passengers of their valuables.

“The deceased was reported to have sustained injuries and was rushed to Maitama General Hospital for medical attention but received no attention because there was no available Police Report.”

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