Paganism On The Rise In Anambra – Soludo

The Governor of Anambra State, Charles Soludo, has said paganism is the fastest growing religion in the state.

This is as he called on all church leaders to confront the trend and nip it in the bid before it gets out of hand.

Soludo spoke on Monday at the dedication of a new church building of House of Testimony, Life of Faith Gospel Church, Onitsha.

The governor said, “Since the inception of my administration, we have declared war on criminals, their shrines, priests and burnt down their idols. They can come with whatever they want to but with the Bible in our right hand, we shall prevail.

“Anambra is in the hands of God but we must continue to pray to take back our state from criminals, touts and lawlessness.

“Idolatry is the fastest-growing religion in the state. We must not take it for granted. Pope Francis preaches ecumenism. I just don’t preach it, I try to live it. If we bond together, we will survive collectively but if we go separately, we will die separately. This land is our own, we must not give up on it.

“Our benchmark actually is that in our first 24 months, we will be able to deliver over 230 km of roads. The quality of roads we are delivering has never been seen in the state before.

“Coincidentally, our commissioner for works was selected on the basis of his competence and integrity. He also happens to be a Pentecostal. I have known him for years but never knew if he was a Christian or not. When I was selecting him, I had no idea of his religion. It was later I discovered he was a Pentecostal.

“Our main aim is to get people who would deliver – a round peg in a round hole. Let us all be the change that we want to see. Anambra will continue to rise.”

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