Oyegun Has Failed As APC National Chairman – Sagay

Prof. Itse Sagay, chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption. Facebook

The tenure of John Odigie-Oyegun as the national chairman of the APC has been termed a failure by Professor Itse Sagay.

According to the chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), Oyegun’s handling of issues has left much to be desired.

He pointed to his handling of the emergence of Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara as Senate President and Speaker of the two Chambers.

Though both went against the party’s wishes, Oyegun did not punish either one, inadvertently making it right that the party’s wishes were disdained.

Sagay stated that Oyegun’s tenure has brought nothing other than disaster for the party, adding that his reinstatement will be suicidal.

Speaking with the Independent, Sagay said, “Oyegun has been a terrible failure as national chairman of the party. He has not shown the resolve and strength of purpose to direct the party properly and rid it of moles and enemies.

“When a person, against the party primary goes to contest as Senate president and another one contrary to the party’s primary contests as Speaker of the House of Representatives, that is gross indiscipline and people like that should be punished and the punishment is suspension and possibly, expulsion from the party.

“That did not happen under Oyegun. Rather, he was cuddling, befriending and appeasing them, thereby allowing them to become monsters. The result now is that the National Assembly is the official opposition of this government; all that is created by Oyegun’s appeasement. So, his tenure has really been a disaster for the party.

“I supported the rejection of the one year extension not because I didn’t like Oyegun but because if the tenure elongation had been allowed to stand, the PDP would have had an apian way, expressway to the presidency and the other offices because all the nominations of the APC would have been held illegal and invalid because the people who organised it themselves are not entitled to be there.

“People who are occupying illegal offices could only produce illegal nominees. So, the president saved the party from catastrophe by rejecting the tenure extension.”

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