Oyedepo Places Curse To Warn His Church Leaders Against Borrowing Money For The Ministry

The Senior Pastor of Living Faith Church aka Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has placed a curse on any leader of the church that borrows money on behalf of the church when he’s no more.

According to Oyedepo, such a leader must have been possessed leading to him borrowing money on behalf of the church.

This is as he revealed that his church became what it is today without borrowing.

The clergyman said, “Imagine if we were a borrowing church, we will have borrowed ourselves out.

“The banks will be at all our entrances fighting over who will collect this side and who will collect the other one.

“God delivered me and this mission from any temptation of borrowing before we had the need to borrow… by light.

“You cannot serve 2 masters he said, you have to choose one and despise the other.

“I choose my Saviour. He is also my provider.

“We have never borrowed, 40 years have come and God, we have never borrowed.

“When I am going to heaven I will write it down as a covenant for the the future leaders of this Commission that whosever borrows will come under a curse.

“If He brought us to where we are without borrowing, then he must have been possessed by something to go and start borrowing.”

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