Oyebanji Inspects Roads in Ekiti, Expresses Satisfaction

Governor Biodun Oyebanji of Ekiti state conducted a thorough series of road inspections on Tuesday, covering key routes across the region.

Among the roads inspected were Isinbode-Ara-Ikole Road, Ikole township road, Itapa–Ijelu–Omu Road, Ayegunle–Ijurin–Iloro/Ipoti–Ilukuno Road, and Ijero township road.

Expressing contentment with the progress observed, Governor Oyebanji underscored the government’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the socio-economic landscape of the State.

He shared on X, “Today, I conducted a routine inspection of ongoing road projects across the state to evaluate the level of work done by the contractors handling the projects. I was pleased to observe that most of the contractors are diligently working towards meeting their respective deadlines for completion.

“Our administration is actively engaged in various road construction, rehabilitation, and expansion projects across Ekiti to enhance the transportation network and stimulate economic activities in the state.”

The Governor’s hands-on approach to infrastructure assessment underscores the administration’s commitment to improving transportation networks and bolstering connectivity within Ekiti state.

The inspections serve as a testament to the government’s proactive stance in addressing the pressing needs of its citizens, particularly in terms of infrastructure development.

With ongoing efforts evident along these vital routes, residents can anticipate smoother journeys and enhanced access to essential services, marking a positive step forward in the state’s development agenda.

Governor Oyebanji’s engagement with the state’s infrastructure underscores a commitment to transparency and accountability, crucial elements in fostering public trust and confidence in governance.

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