Owo Attack: Gumi Calls Attention To Attacks On Fulani

Controversial Islamic cleric, Sheikh Gumi, has condemned the attack on worshippers at St Francis Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo State.

The cleric described the attack as pure evil, adding that there was no justification for the crime against God and humanity.

Gumi, in a post on his Facebook page titled ‘Ondo Church Carnage: Beyond The Condemnations’, however, spoke of the attacks suffered by the Fulani tribe in Nigeria.

The post read, “No sane mind can approve the heinous crime of attacking innocent people talk less of worshippers during their prayer sessions. It’s evil and pure evil. There can be no justification for this crime against God and humanity.

“However, what have we done to God that permits such grievous barbaric acts to happen? This is the question we never ask or try to explore. It’s the elephant in the room.

“In Aug 2021, Irigwe youth kill over 25 innocent Fulani travellers in Jos; they were not termed as terrorists to be shot at sight. After that, so many unreported atrocities, killings and counter killings and revenge became the language Nigerians have adopted.

“Then came Debura in Sokoto, Harira and her small children in Anambra, and so many. All killed extra-judicially by mobs, unknown and known gunmen as the case may be. Yet the narrative in the mainstream media is one, profiling of the Fulani herdsmen leading to state laws that make their lives impossible and the constant harassment by security outfits of innocent ones.

“So the governmental action and reaction, the media and the naively charged population against herdsmen has molded them to harbour people who aid them in their revenge missions. Revenge is the hallmark of the nomadic populations, which is how they survive the ferocity of forest or desert life.

“So as we condemned all killings from all quarters, the nation needs dialogue and understanding. Killings bring more killings and blood draws more blood. There is no time for politicking or dishonesty. Let us collectively face the evil not with another evil but with good.”

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