Otti To Cut Cost Of Governance In Abia

The Abia State Governor-elect, Alex Otti, has said he will cut cost of governance in the state by using the model employed by former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi.

He also hinted at reducing workforce, especially the ones earning without much value.

When asked if he will cut the cost of governance during Channels Television, Politics Today, he said, “Absolutely, I have time and time again, spoken out about cost of governance being a major problem in the country and it applies to the federal government as well as it applies to state governments and all the way to local governments.

“I believe that my presidential candidate [Peter Obi] did very well in Anambra because he reined in cost of governance and it’s the same kind of model that we are going to run in Abia.

“There is only so many jobs you can create in the public sector. When you are appointing 12,000 personal assistants and special assistants,who basically don’t have an office but collect money at the end of the month, you’re just creating a problem for yourself.

“So, we are going to run a very lean government, we are going to cut our cloth according to our size, we believe that it is the private sector that should be supported to create jobs.

“Whatever it takes to support the private sector, we will do exactly that.

“We are not going to run a bogus government, we are not going to get ourselves involved in very high cost of travels.”

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