Osun Says Ready to Support South-West Rail Project

The Ademola Adeleke administration in Osun State has announced its unwavering commitment to fully support the South West Rail Project, a regional initiative championed by the Development Agenda of Western Nigeria (DAWN Commission).

During a recent South West transport stakeholders’ meeting in Ibadan, the Osun State Commissioner for Transportation, Sesan Oyedele, conveyed the state’s enthusiastic endorsement of the project. The meeting, organized by the DAWN Commission, served as a platform for regional collaboration and strategic planning to bolster transportation infrastructure in the South West.

Commissioner Oyedele affirmed Osun State’s dedication to collaborating with other South-West states to create a comprehensive road map aimed at enhancing rail transportation across the region. In his statement, he underscored the pressing need to address the transport requirements of the growing population in the South West.

“The state of Osun is prepared to work with other South-West states to put together a step-by-step road map that will enhance rail transportation in the region,” said Oyedele. His remarks reflected the shared commitment among regional stakeholders to meet the escalating transportation demands of the South West’s populace.

“Nigeria’s railway system over the years has played a significant role in the country’s transport sector and economic development spanning across different regions of the country.

“We need to sustain this by fast tracking development of the transport sector; the population of the country is growing rapidly, Nigeria is going to have close to an extra 100m people in about 10 years time.

“Realising this vision needs a collective approach and a methodological planning, we need to get our acts together and put together a railway development plan that will cater for the needs of our people in future,” the Commissioner stated.

The South West Rail Project is a visionary effort to modernize and expand rail infrastructure within the South West region of Nigeria. This strategic initiative seeks to improve connectivity, ease congestion on road networks, and enhance the overall accessibility and mobility for the people of the South West.

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