Opposition Members-elect Endorse Abbas, Kalu For Speaker, Deputy Speaker

Cross-Party Support for APC’s Abbas and Kalu

In a surprising turn of events, 63 members-elect from opposition parties have come together to endorse the anointed candidates of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Tajudeen Abbas and Benjamin Kalu, for the positions of Speaker and Deputy Speaker, respectively.

The announcement was made by Ikenga Ugochinyere, the spokesman for the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), who led the group of 62 other minority party members-elect in Abuja.

Call for Other Aspirants to Step Aside

Ugochinyere urged other speakership aspirants who were relying on the votes of opposition members-elect to contest against the Abbas/Kalu ticket to withdraw from the race.

He emphasized that the support of their 63-member coalition would solely be given to Hon. Tajudeen Abbas, and no votes would be available for other contenders.

The primary focus, according to Ugochinyere, should be on the greater good of Nigeria, transcending party lines and partisan politics.

He said, “It is on this note that I call on my colleague members-elect who are still in the race to stop and join the prefect of the class, Hon Tajudeen Abbas, to steer the ship of the 10th Assembly to beat the records of the other Houses in performance and achievement for Nigeria.

“Our common goal now should be beyond party and partisan politics and totally focused on Nigeria and her greater good. We want the best and we have selected the best and importantly, the selection is by merit.

“I do not speak for myself alone. I speak for the 63 like-minded honourable members-elect of the opposition family, who have agreed on a common vision for the 10th Assembly. We will transform into the TBK Group. Our 63 votes without any dissent or abstention will go for Hon. Tajudeen Abbas. In the coming days, Nigerians will come to know the identity of the TBK Group and will also feel our impact.”

Qualifications and Merits of Tajudeen Abbas

Ugochinyere highlighted the qualifications and merits of Tajudeen Abbas as the ideal candidate for the position of Speaker.

He praised Abbas’s exceptional education, including a Doctorate Degree, and extensive experience to effectively lead the House of Representatives.

Ugochinyere also noted Abbas’s impeccable integrity, which has garnered respect from colleagues both within the National Assembly and his own party.

Additionally, Abbas’s legislative track record was highlighted, with him having the third-highest number of bills in the 8th Assembly (43 bills) and the highest number of bills in the 9th House (74 bills), with 21 of those bills signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari.

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