Opinion: Peter Obi Show Us Your Real Face By Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

We’ve been left wondering about Nigeria’s future after the past week in the nation.A five-day sit-at-home order was issued in the South East by IPOB’s self-declared spokesperson, Simon Ekpa, from a remote location in Finland in protest of the forthcoming general elections and to show support for the restoration of Biafra.

Unfortunately, several bizarre murders have been committed by unknown gunmen during this time period. Some people in the South East appear to be blo0dthirsty and on a killing spree in various locations; in most cases, these killings were preceded by arson and destruction.

We may be wondering what this has to do with Peter Obi and Biafra’s restoration. According to my observations, the Obidient movement appears to be an offshoot of the Biafra movement, which had been agitating for years before taking a new turn with the arrival of IPOB and its leader, Nnmadi Kanu, who frequently referred to Nigeria as a zoo.

Peter Obi, who consistently wears black on black attire, which is associated with mourning and sorrow, has drawn the majority of his support and inspiration from the radical Biafra movement, as represented by the IPOB, which is accused of masterminding the violent agitation for a Biafra Nation.

There have always been various agitators on Biafra Nation prior to the arrival of IPOB, and the agitators have always been approachable and communicable.

Their mode of operation has never included the carrying of weapons or coercive membership in the group. MASSOB, a more FORMIDABLE and grassroots-oriented organisation, never closed down the South East to enforce its PERSONAL agenda for a single day.

If we must tell ourselves the truth, why has Peter Obi’s aspiration put an end to pro-Biafra supporters’ rants about Nigeria being called a zoo? Since Peter Obi became the LP’s presidential candidate, the IPOB’s disdain for activities taking place in Nigeria has been transferred to disdain for other political parties.

Here are the full characteristics of IPOB sympathizers that it shares with the Obidient movement, which has made Peter Obi’s political ideology suspect and making him look more like the face of Biafra.

The basis for the Biafra movement’s agitation over the years has been the perception of injustice, and the Obidient Movement employs the same rallying cry to stir up emotion. Even though they disregard the fact that Peter Obi was an integral element of the political structure. He was on President Jonathan’s economic team and was a two-term governor.

Their similarities are so striking that one wonders if there is any difference at all. Consider the Obidient Movement’s anger and bitterness; the same intensity with which IPOB sympathizer would tell you to hell with your Nigeria is the same intensity with which the Obidient supporter would tell you to hell with the PDP and APC.

They are very bitter and insult anyone with unimaginable words if Atiku or Tinubu is their choice; they forget that these people are human and have loved ones just like them. They share the same ideology as pro-Biafra movements that are too lazy to do their homework and research.

IPOB had the chance to elect every South Eastern lawmaker as a pro-Biafra lawmaker and then pursue a separate sovereign entity in Biafra through legitimate channels. I’ve said countless times that Biafra lacks structure, which is necessary for success.

If every single elite in the South East, as well as every single authority (legislative and executive), is opposed to the restoration of Biafra, how do they gain the legitimacy to hold a referendum in the first place?

Similarly, no single elite or authority in the South East supports Peter Obi, and just as they are afraid of denouncing IPOB, they are also wary of making their hostility to Obi public.

There must be something these elites see that is related to their fear of the dreaded IPOB. For example, it has been more than 48 hours since the IPOB and Simon Ekpa ordered attacks on innocent civilians in Enugu and Imo states. Peter Obi and the other elites we mentioned have all remained silent and have not condemned the action.

Have you noticed that, in a similar fashion to how the Obidient lack knowledge that they cannot reach Aso Rock without structure, the pro-Biafra movements also lack understanding that they must have constitutional grounds before Biafra can have his own nation separate from Nigeria.

You expect the constitution to be amended and Biafra to be established despite not having a councillor, member of the House of Assembly, or member of the National Assembly. If not lawmakers, then who alters the constitution?

What’s the deal with IPOB and transparency? There have been numerous occasions where Nnamdi Kanu’s leadership has been called into question over financial secrecy and misappropriation of funds; the Obidient Movement is engaging in the same clandestine moves that IPOB has.

Nnamdi Kanu is regarded as the supreme leader, just as Peter Obi is regarded as the supreme saint, whom party members (note: LP members are not members of the Obidient movement) have accused of diverting campaign funds for personal gain.

The LP has fought a messy battle over every single body in the party in terms of funds, from the suspended youth chairman to the DG of the campaign Doyin Okupe, to the party’s national publicity secretary, the National Chairman Abure, to its presidential candidate Peter Obi, and the latest is chairperson of the Labour Party in Taraba State, Mrs Esther Gulmu.

She is accused with misusing mobilisation funds supplied for the recently concluded presidential rally, which drew a sparse audience and infuriated many about how the N20 million allocated for mobilisation was squandered.

All of these stories were not created by us; they are in the public domain; please go and verify before yelling fake news.

Similar to how they accuse IPOB of taking advantage of its naive and gullible supporters who believe Biafra can be achieved without changing the constitution, they also claim that Obi’s supporters are taken advantage of because of their willful ignorance and believe Obi can become president without the support of other regions.

Ask yourself when last did you a Biafra agitator call Nigeria a zoo? Nope they are now Obidient and USEFUL.

These are all dangerous similarities that Nigerians must be wary of because, regardless of who wins the election, Nigeria must come first, and whoever we elect must guarantee us that Nigeria must come first.

Peter Obi Show Us Your Real Face.
Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the Chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy

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