Open Grazing Ban: I Expected Long Term Solution From Southern Govs – Ndume

Senator Alli Ndume has said that he expected a long term solution from the southern governors concerning the ban on open grazing in their region.

The governors had issued the ban after a meeting held in Asaba in Delta State, during which they also called for the restructuring of the country.

However, Ndume described their statement which revealed the ban as a blanket one.

“I am not concerned about what they (the governors) said … I was thinking that they would come out with immediate solution, mid-term solution, and long-term solution to open grazing,” he noted,” Ndume said on Thursday when he featured as a guest on Channels Television’s Politics Today.

He added, “We have serious security challenges in this country that are different in all the geopolitical zones and I was expecting that the governors will come together and address these issues, come up with the solutions that they have mentioned and discuss with the President in a closed-session as we call it in the Senate, not to come out to the media and issue a blanket statement.”

He maintained that the governor should have met with the president instead of the decision they took.

Ndume said, “The governors, being the chief security officers of the various states in the South, should not take these things lightly or should not politicise it, or even try to look as if they are just grandstanding.

“They have unfiltered access to Mr President who is the Commander-In-Chief … all these things are not going to be implemented by making statements to the media, that is my concern.”

“When the leadership is playing to the gallery in a very challenging situation like this, I get so concerned. They should be practical and realistic and honest and that is lacking in that statement,” he added.

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