Onanuga Raises The Alarm On POS Racket At Abuja Petrol Stations

The Director Media and Publicity, All Progressives Congress, Bayo Onanuga, has said Abuja petrol stations have now perfected a racket with POS operators, all aimed at denting the pockets of their patrons.

In a post on Facebook, Onanuga revealed the different strategies they use to make illegal money from customers and also deny the station owners from making the amount they are meant to make.

He continued, “When you enter a station to buy fuel, the salesman will tell you the station’s POS machines are not working because of ‘network problems.” Then he will direct you to a POS operator nearby who is able to use your card and pay you using the same dysfunctional network.

“Sometimes he asks you to make a transfer into someone’s account, who then charges a fee for his service.

“Today at the Forte Oil station at Adetokunbo Ademola, my office assistant was literally forced to patronize the POS operator to be able to pay for 100 litres of diesel. The transaction added to our cost by N10,000.

“This sharp practice is also prevalent at the Forte Oil station opposite Transcorp Hilton, some NNPC stations, including the one in Durumi, near the American International College. I have heard similar reports across Abuja metropolis.

“Nigerians, when will you learn to be patriotic?

“The unpatriotic acts of Nigerians are really dispiriting. We are fond of blaming our leaders, whereas we are Nigeria’s biggest enemies. We commit so many treasonable offences, such as smuggling our cheap fuel to neighbouring nations, at our own detriment.

“At the fuel stations, some people are openly sabotaging the efforts of the CBN to make transactions cashless.

“They insist on cash, which enables them to steal from the station’s till and make the franchise owner bankrupt.”

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