Onaiyekan Slams Experience Of APC, PDP Politicians

Archbishop Emeritus, Cardinal John Onaiyekan, has said the experience of politicians in the two top political parties brought Nigeria to the current situation the country is in.

He said youths must question any politician who has held a public office before in order to know what they achieved while holding such posts.

Onaiyeka spoke at the 3-day theological formation for Catholic youths organized by Church Life Africa (CLA) Nigeria.

He said, “Any politician who comes with a string of ‘ex-this’ ‘ex-that’ ‘former-this’ ‘former that’, we must interrogate them – ‘former what?’ what did you do during that period. When I hear politicians, especially that of the two big parties say, “we have experience”, I ask “experience in what?” Your experience brought us where we are now. Is this the experience that the young people want? And I am very worried when I see the youth wing of the old parties just learning the tricks of the old people. But the tricks of the old people have not taken us far.”

To bring about a new era of politics, Nigerian youths, he said should question the value and impact of ‘experiences’ elder politicians are bringing to the table, and look towards the scriptures and the Catholic social doctrines for true leadership qualities.

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