Omokri Mocks Obi’s Lagos Rally

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, has mocked the rally of the Labour Party candidate, Peter Obi, held on Lagos on Saturday.

According to Omokri, the drone footage showed that Obi should not have used the Tafawa Balewa Square but someone’s backyard for the rally.

He wrote on Twitter, “Mega Rally 🤣🤣🤣🤣! This man should stop embarrassing himself! Use someone’s backyard and avoid these ‘oversized’ (apologies to Datti) venue!

“With the aerial drone imagery of Peter Obi’s Maga Rally (forget about talk of mega rally), perhaps the reality will dawn on gullible Obidients who boasted that they will win Lagos. Obi will win on Twitter, because he is a good politwitter, but a bad politician!

“Listen To Peter Obi Mock Waziri Atiku and Tinubu’s Ages. And This Is a Man Who Once Praised Biden, Who Is 80 Years Old!

“Obi calls himself a leader. He held a mega rally in the Lagos that Jakande, Mudasiru, Marwa, and Tinubu the drug lord built. Meanwhile, someone has declared a sit-at-home all over the SE on Election Day. A real leader would have given the SE hope after such an order

“Nobody can stop Waziri Atiku from campaigning in any part of Nigeria, on any day and at anytime. No OPC or Area Boy can stop Tinubu from campaigning in Lagos or anywhere in the SW. But Obi can’t campaign on Monday in the SE due to IPOB. That is who will protect you?

“Tinubu is a known drug lord. But he built Fashola, Aregbesola, Fayemi, Ambode, Osinbajo, Sanwoolu, Fowler, Akabueze, to mention a few. We know the people Atiku built. So many. But other than his pocket, can Obidients name just one person that Peter Obi built up?

“Even when I want to leave this Obi alone, his un-strategic followers will just look for his trouble and make me remember the poor man. I left him after the DG of his campaign wrote me a glowing letter on my birthday. Until you people asked for trouble. Now take it!

“Tinubu is a known drug lord. No one can deny it. But the man built a whole new city from the scratch, from land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean. A near miracle! Meanwhile, Peter Obi could not even reclaim Anambra land that was taken over by erosion! No be juju!

“Obi’s mega rally is in Lagos
Obi’s mega residence is in Lagos
Obi’s mega business is in Lagos
Obi’s mega billions are in Panama, per Pandora Papers

“Yet, Obi and Obidients claim Peter transformed Anambra. Then why does Obi not reside, rally and invest in Anambra?

“Tinubu may be a drug lord, but by having his special Mega Rally in Lagos, Peter Obi admits that Tinubu built and maintained facilities in Lagos. By holding today’s event in Lagos, rather than in Anambra, which he governed, Obi is saying Tinubu did what I did not do!

“As flawed a man as he is, Tinubu governed Lagos, and still resides in Lagos after leaving office. If Peter Obi really transformed Anambra to a paradise as he and his Obidients claim, why did he end his tenure and run to Lagos? They cant answer. But they can insult!”

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