Omokri Mocks NLC Over Frequent Strikes

Social media influencer and critic, Reno Omokri, has strongly criticized the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) for its frequent strikes within a span of nine months.

Omokri expressed his dismay in a social media post, suggesting that if the NLC were to call for yet another strike, it would signify a departure from prioritizing Nigeria’s interests.

Omokri’s remarks carried a tone of sarcasm as he compared the frequency of NLC strikes to the performance of Victor Osimhen, the lead striker of the Nigerian senior football team. Osimhen, during the recently concluded African Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast, managed to score only one goal.

Omokri stated: “If the NLC calls for its fifth strike action in nine months of the Tinubu administration, it is no longer about Nigeria. It will be about politics. It will be about sabotaging Nigeria. It will be about other interests. Personal interests.

“Because I have never heard of or witnessed a country where their organised labour has more strikes than a football striker like Victor Osimhen. This is the same NLC that did not go on strike during the Naira redesign policy of the Buhari regime that led to Naira scarcity and unprecedented suffering amongst Nigerians, because they felt it would benefit a particular candidate. Enough already with these threats.

“If his colleagues cannot call Joe Ajaero to order, then Nigerians must ignore him. He has cried wolf too many times!”

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