Oluremi Tinubu Celebrates Pioneer Nigerian Female Graduate Of UK Military Academy

In a notable event at the Presidential Villa on Monday, First Lady Oluremi Tinubu celebrated the achievements of Second Lieutenant Oluchukwu Owowoh, the first Nigerian woman to graduate from the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the United Kingdom.

Second Lieutenant Owowoh, aged 24, recently completed a demanding 44-week course alongside 134 fellow Officer Cadets, culminating in the Sovereign’s Parade in London. This event marked the completion of Commissioning Course 232, which is renowned for its intense physical and academic challenges.

During the reception, the First Lady, alongside other distinguished guests including the wife of the Vice President, the wife of the Speaker, and wives of various ministers and Service Chiefs, commended Owowoh for her perseverance and exemplary performance. The First Lady emphasized Owowoh’s role as a pioneering figure for young Nigerians, particularly highlighting her success in a traditionally male-dominated environment.

“Your determination and resilience are quite remarkable, and you are an inspiration to the youth of this country,” said Mrs. Tinubu. “As a woman, the first who has made a mark in a male-dominated field, I salute you.”

Major General OJ Ochai, Commandant of the Nigerian Defence Academy, praised Owowoh as the standout cadet among 200 peers, excelling in academics, military subjects, and physical fitness. Following her graduation, Owowoh has been assigned to the Nigerian Military Intelligence Unit.

The event, filled with admiration and applause, underscored the significant progress of women in military roles and highlighted the potential for further breaking of gender barriers in Nigeria’s armed forces.

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