Dino Melaye Calls Bello ‘Olodo’ Governor

Senator Dino Melaye

By Andah John

Senator Dino Melaye has accused Yahaya Bello, the Governor of Kogi state, of planning to recall him from the National Assembly where he is representing the western district of the state.

The lawmaker, a front-line critic of the governor’s administration, described Bello as an ”olodo governor”, who in his words, ”do not know about transferring voters card from Abuja to Kogi.”

In a post on his Facebook page, Melaye wrote: “AJEKUN IYA NIO JE,ATI YAHAYA!!ATI ONOJA!!

“Yahaya Bello carrying money round newspaper houses to give him front page tomorrow that Dino Melaye recall process begins.

“I laugh in pigin English. A man as daft as Yahaya Bello who do not know about transferring voters card from Abuja to Kogi or Edward Onoja who will soon be on his way to Prison want to recall the best Senator of the year 2016.

“Senator with the highest number of motions and bills, in fact make I laugh in Chinese. Hahahahahahuhuhuhuhubkakakakawuwuwu. Olodo! I have told our people to go and collect the money after all na awa money.

“Governor that can’t pay salary but can sponsor rubbish, I alarmed us 2 days ago that this will happen. Just make sure you spell my name correctly on the INEC form. Wasters in powers. Again I will continue to speak the truth till Kogi is liberated. My people no shaking at all.”

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