Okupe Blames APC For Low Crowd At Labour Party Nasarawa Rally

The Labour Party campaign DIrector General, Doyin Okupe, has blamed the All Progressives Congress for the low turn out if crowd st the party’s presidential ally in Nasarawa State.

According to him, the APC put in measures to prevent the success of the rally.

He said, “In Nasarawa we were served by the ruling party. . .or ruling government, a good shot.

“You will not believe it that we did not get the final permit for the landing of the helicopter of our principals until the morning (that Saturday morning) of the rally. That’s 1.

“Number 2, the venues. I sent 22 member advance team, but for 48 hours they could not do anything because we could not even get permit among the 3 or 4 various venues we have chosen, you know, the government was not available to give us permit, but for the intervention of some very high level royal people in Lafia, that rally would not have held.

“Then, the master blow that they dealt us with was, in Nasarawa, for the past 7 or 8 years, nobody has ever heard of environmental sanitation, but government from no where, on Thursday, declared that Saturday an environmental sanitation day; declared a curfew the night before on Friday (I hope you understand) and that nobody can move until 10am on Saturday.

“So it was impossible.

“The people you saw there were the people we managed and struggled, you know and our support groups brought together from Lafia and environs alone. 90% of our supporters all over the state could not get access. They could not even come, because some people are living 3 hours away, some 2 hours away, you know, they would not be able to leave their places until 10 and on Friday they could not go out in the evening.

“So all those things happened, but we give glory to God, it’s a beginning, it’s OK”.

Channels TV presenter Maupe Ogun-Yusuf asked, “So somehow you are alleging that the All Progressives Congress. . .”

Okupe replied: “I am not alleging. It is a statement of fact. You can check it”.

Ogun-Yusuf: “I am a journalist. I have to use the term alleging”

Okupe: “They actually announced an environmental sanitation that Saturday. That has not happened for 7 years in Nasarawa State.”

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