Ogun to Divert Traffic in Abeokuta for Governors’ Forum Meeting

The Ogun State Government has announced traffic diversions in Abeokuta ahead of the Nigeria Governors Forum meeting scheduled for Monday, 24 June 2024. The meeting will take place at the Presidential Lodge, Ibara GRA, necessitating changes to traffic flow from 0700hrs.

Motorists inbound to the Presidential Lodge from Wemby Suite/Tunde Lemos House will be diverted towards Fatgbems House/Vulcan House, moving behind the Park-Inn Radisson Hotel and continuing to NUT Junction.

Those traveling from NUT Junction towards the Presidential Lodge will also be rerouted behind the Park-Inn Radisson Hotel, proceeding to Fatgbems House/Vulcan House before continuing their journey.

The government has expressed regret for any inconvenience caused by these diversions.

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