Ogun Police Nab ‘One Chance’ Robbery Suspects

In a coordinated operation by the Ogun State Police Command on April 15, 2024, two individuals were arrested for their involvement in a series of “one chance” robberies along the Sango Ota axis. The suspects, identified as Emmanuel Edeki and Tobi David, are part of a criminal syndicate that has reportedly been targeting unsuspecting commuters.

The police disclosed that Edeki and David have been implicated in multiple incidents where they posed as public transport operators to deceive passengers. Victims were subsequently robbed of their belongings, an operation style that has caused considerable concern among local residents and commuters in the area.

The “one chance” tactic, a common modus operandi for thieves in several Nigerian states, involves robbers operating what appears to be legitimate public transport vehicles, only to rob passengers once they are aboard. The arrest is a part of ongoing efforts by law enforcement to crack down on this form of robbery, which has seen a worrying increase in recent times.

Following their arrest, the police have confirmed that Emmanuel Edeki and Tobi David will face prosecution, signaling the authorities’ commitment to addressing crime and ensuring safety and security in Ogun State. This development has been met with approval from the community, hopeful that it will deter similar crimes in the future. The police continue to urge the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

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