Ogun Launches Free Ambulance, Emergency Medical Services

The Ogun State government has launched free ambulance services and offers free medical treatment within the first 48 hours of arrival at designated medical facilities. This initiative aims to improve emergency healthcare access across the state.

The designated medical facilities providing these services include State Hospital Otta, FMC Abeokuta, OSUTH Sagam, General Hospital Iperu, General Hospital Ijebu Ode, State Hospital Ijaye-Abeokuta, and Redeem Camp Medical Center Mowe. These centers are equipped to handle various medical emergencies and deliver prompt care to patients in need.

Residents requiring emergency medical attention can call for free ambulance services by dialing 112 or 08112000033. This initiative is part of the government’s broader effort to enhance healthcare delivery and ensure timely medical intervention for all residents, especially in critical situations.

By offering these services, the Ogun State government aims to reduce the mortality rate associated with emergencies and improve overall public health outcomes. The availability of free ambulance services is expected to expedite the transportation of patients to hospitals, while the 48-hour free treatment window ensures that patients receive immediate and essential care without the burden of initial costs.

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