Obi’s Borehole in the North is ‘Poor Standard’ – Bwala

Politician Daniel Bwala has mocked the borehole inaugurated in the north by the Labour Party presidential candidate in 2023, Peter Obi.

According to him, the borehole is of poor quality and it depicts the kind of leadership he intends to offer to Nigerians.

In a post on X, Bwala stated that Obi’s leadership style is a political scam.

He wrote, “@PeterObi’s style of leadership and governance is a political scam honestly. It would have been better that he was not there so that his e-rodents would boldly say the borehole does not reflect his mentality and thoughts towards the masses

“By this simple show of shame he has revealed what quality of leadership he has amd offers; and he is hoping to apply in if he becomes the president.

“This borehole and its poor, hazardous and lack of basic health standards shows his mindset.That man has nothing to offer other than kalo kalo bola kaja governance.”

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