Obi Wrong for Faulting Ukraine’s Grain Donation to Nigeria – Faduri

A former presidential aspirant of the Labour Party, Joseph Faduri, has slammed his party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, for saying it is a national disgrace for Nigeria to receive grains from war-thorn Ukraine.

Obi on Monday faulted the gesture which is said was a result of the years of failed leadership in Nigeria.

The former governor of Anambra said, ““This national disgrace stems from years of leadership failure, necessitating urgent reflection and a reordering of our national priorities and resource management and allocation. Instructively, Ukraine, with a population of 43 million on 603,728 km2, outshines Northern Nigeria, covering 744,249 km2 with a young, energetic population exceeding 100 million.”

Reacting, Faduri stated that Obi didn’t comprehend the gesture by Ukraine before making his statement.

He shared on X, “It is disgraceful that Mr Peter Obi took to his social media to decry the donation of wheat and grains by Ukraine to Nigeria calling it a national Disgrace what is more disgraceful is for Mr Peter Obi not to comprehend that Ukraine gesture is in accordance what world food organization guidelines for countries to donate to one another just as USA is donating billions of dollars to same nation .Ukraine is one of the highest producers of wheat and grains, so giving to Nigeria does not translate to bad things or enough to berate our Nation as disgraceful

“If we must attack govt, let us do it with sincerity, not an unintelligent war of message to weep up sentiment. I am not a fan of President Tinubu, but whatever will make our nation succeed, I will support it and critique the govt where necessary.”

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