Obi Warns Against Death Of Nigerians In Sudan

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the just-concluded election, Peter Obi, has called for the evacuation of Nigerians trapped in war-torn Sudan.

Sudan is currently witnessing a conflict between the Sudanese Army and the Rapid Support Forces which has seen over 300 civilians dead.

Obi, in a tweet on Sunday, warned against the loss of Nigerian lives in the country.

He wrote, “I’m sad and concerned by the reports that Nigerians trapped in Sudan have not been evacuated. While we understand the extreme challenges in Sudan, we deeply implore the Federal Government of Nigeria to expedite all efforts to rescue about 4000 Nigerians which are mostly students in Sudan to safety. Moreover, as the Sudanese crisis is not a natural disaster that happened suddenly, it will be sad to lose any Nigerian to the conflict, especially now that we need all hands to create and sustain a New Nigeria.

“Since it is the statutory responsibility of FGN to protect Nigerians at home in Nigeria and abroad, it is important that we attend to such issues with more deserving proactiveness and commitment as the life of every Nigerian is sacred and important.”

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