Obaseki Targets Economic Height For Edo In 3 Years

Governor Obaseki of Edo State

By Andah John with agency report

Part of the desires of Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo state is a significantly improvement in economy within three years.

The governor also desires the number one position for the state as far as the Nigerian economy is concerned. He hopes to achieve this in another 10 years.

Obaseki made his economic desire known at a seminar organised for permanent secretaries as well as leaders and stakeholders in Benin, the Edo state capital.

The governor said in “15 to 20 years, we want to be the number one investment destination in the continent.”

He added, “To achieve this vision for the state, first class institutions capable of nurturing transformation policies must be built.”

“We must deliver on infrastructure better than what are available in the Federal Capital Territory.

“We must aim at generating revenue more than Lagos without putting unbearable tax burden on our people.

“We must, therefore, aim at developing our institutions because in the course of this workshop, we shall be working on six semantic areas, which are the key pillars of our goal for the state.”

He further explained that the six semantic areas include how the state would achieve economic revolution that would develop world class infrastructure.

“How do we ensure institutions are reformed so they can deliver?

“How do we ensure that we can create a state that is socially-conscious and create emphasis on the welfare of our people.

“How do we ensure that our culture which is world-class acclaimed is displayed and made available for the world to enjoy our tourism as well as sustain our environment.”

Obaseki said in the case of the economic revolution, the semantic group should focus on how the state would establish an investment bureau that could begin to attract world class investments.

The governor tasked other semantic groups on the expectations of government at the end of their three-day brain storming session.

And he added that their resolution would be the working document for developing the state.

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