OAP Do2dtun Drags Ex-wife Over Custody Dispute

Popular On-Air-Personality, Kayode Ojuolape Oladotun, known as Do2dtun, has once again taken to social media to voice his frustration over what he alleges is the denial of access to his children by his ex-wife, Omotayo, and her family.

Concise News recalls that the radio personality and his ex-wife, Omotayo, tied the knot in 2013, resulting in the birth of two children. The relationship turned sour, leading Omotayo to file for separation in 2022, citing forced abortion, domestic violence, and emotional abuse as the primary reasons.

In a heartfelt statement made during the Father’s Day celebration in June 2023, Do2dtun revealed that it had been a daunting ten months since he last saw his children. The ongoing custody dispute between the former couple has intensified, with the OAP once again expressing his disappointment at Omotayo for allegedly obstructing his access to the kids, even after a judge granted divided custody in June 2022.

Taking to his Instagram page on Thursday, Do2dtun shared an emotionally charged post outlining his determination to continue fighting for his right to be an active presence in the lives of his daughters. He accompanied his message with court documents, demonstrating that a legal ruling was issued in his favor, affirming his right to divided child custody with Omotayo.

“This was ruled on the 6th of July 2022. My Lawyers help me here, please. This is just a snippet. I have waited a whole year dealing with you and your family’s wickedness. I am ready to fight.

“As court no gree rule for the contempt of court for over a year. It’s time for me to be my own judge and jury. I am ready to fight for my right to be in their lives. I took it for those kids even if you tried and tried to ruin me but e no work. Fife and Fiore I am sorry. Daddy is fed up of playing safe and reasonable anymore.

“Note: no friend or family member should reach out to me.”

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