NSCDC Targets Oil Theft in Rivers, Arrests Suspect

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has escalated its campaign against oil theft and illegal refineries in Rivers State. A recent operation by the Commandant General’s Special Intelligence Squad (CG’s SIS) resulted in the arrest of one suspect and the destruction of over 100,000 liters of crude oil.

The NSCDC’s strategic move aims to combat the rampant issue of oil theft and illegal refining, which has long plagued the region. The seized materials were being used at clandestine refining sites, contributing to significant economic and environmental damage.

The Special Intelligence Squad, under the directive of the NSCDC Commandant General, executed the operation with precision. The suspect is now in custody, facing charges related to the illegal refining activities. This crackdown highlights the agency’s commitment to eradicating the illegal oil trade, which undermines the nation’s economy and poses severe risks to the local ecosystem.

In addition to the arrest, the NSCDC dismantled and destroyed the illegal refining facilities. This action is expected to deter future illicit activities and send a clear message to those involved in the illegal oil trade. The agency continues to leverage intelligence and advanced tactics to identify and neutralize illegal operations.

The NSCDC has urged local communities to support their efforts by reporting suspicious activities and providing information that could lead to more arrests and the destruction of illegal refineries. The recent success in Rivers State is part of a broader strategy to secure the nation’s oil resources and protect the environment from the hazards of unregulated refining practices.

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