NSCDC Raids Illegal Bunkering Site, Seizes Large Boat, 9,000 Litres of AGO

In a decisive operation led by the CG NSCDC’s Special Intelligence Squad, an illegal bunkering site was dismantled today in a strategic raid in the coastal region. The crackdown targeted illicit activities involving the illegal refining and smuggling of petroleum products.

Under the cover of darkness, the highly trained team swiftly descended upon the clandestine operation, located deep within the mangrove swamps. Upon arrival, they discovered a newly constructed large boat alongside makeshift storage tanks, indicative of ongoing illegal activities.

As the operation unfolded, law enforcement officials seized approximately 9,000 litres of illegally refined Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), also known as diesel. The discovery underscores the scale of the illicit enterprise and its potential environmental impact on the delicate ecosystem.

Furthermore, the team confiscated various equipment used in the illegal refining process, including makeshift distillation units and storage drums. The dismantling of the operation marks a significant blow to the criminal network responsible for fueling the black market trade in petroleum products.

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