North-West Governors Unite to Launch Zamfara Community Protection Guards

Governor Nasir Gwandu of Kebbi State has joined forces with other North-West Governors to inaugurate the Zamfara State Community Protection Guards in Gusau.

Led by the Zamfara State Government, the initiative is geared towards enhancing security measures and safeguarding lives and property across the region.

The newly trained and screened youths, equipped in security operations and peace restoration techniques, received commendation from Gwandu. He expressed appreciation to the governors of Sokoto, Katsina, Jigawa, and Kaduna for their collaborative efforts in addressing security challenges.

In his address, Gwandu underscored the significance of regional cooperation in fostering safer environments for citizens. The collective commitment of North-West Governors to bolster security infrastructure reflects a coordinated approach to tackling the pervasive threats posed by criminal activities in the region.

The launch of the Zamfara State Community Protection Guards underscores a proactive response to the evolving security landscape in Nigeria’s North-West region. By empowering local communities and enhancing grassroots security initiatives, the initiative seeks to engender a sense of safety and well-being among residents.

As Gwandu and his counterparts reaffirm their dedication to securing the region, the collaboration between state governments signals a united front against insecurity. Through strategic partnerships and shared resources, North-West Governors aim to fortify resilience against threats and uphold the fundamental rights of citizens to peace and security.

The launch of the Community Protection Guards represents a pivotal step in the ongoing efforts to address security challenges and restore stability in Zamfara State and beyond

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