No Safety When People Are Hungry – Frank Nweke

Former minister of information, Frank Nweke Jnr, has said there cannot be safety when people are hungry.

In a post marking the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, Nweke lamented that despite all the commitment by government at all levels to eradicate poverty, the problem keeps exploding.

Proffering solution, the former minister called for policies that promotes human dignity and collective progress, jut as he pointed out that the best security is shared prosperity.

He wrote on X, “Poverty is a thief that has been left unchecked for too long in Nigeria.

“Year after year, governments at the federal and sub-national level make commitments to reduce, alleviate, or eradicate poverty and economic inequality.

“Yet, the number of our multidimensionally poor population keeps exploding. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 40.1% (82.9 million) of Nigerians were classified as ‘poor’ in its 2019 report. Today, that figure is 63%, representing 133 million people.

“With our rapidly increasing population struggling to meet their basic human needs, we cannot afford to have governments continue to pay lip service to sound economic policies, infrastructural development, human capital development, and social intervention programs.

“Poverty is a thief of human dignity, present options, and future prospects. It is a breeding ground for depravity, violence, and a worship of mediocrity. We must intentionally pursue its eradication.

“While the rich may consider themselves immune from the effects of lack and deprivation, the danger of poverty left unchecked is not restricted to the poor. As I have often said, no matter how high your fence is, you are not guaranteed safety if your brothers and sisters are hungry.

“The best security is shared prosperity. We must pursue prosperity for all.

“As the world marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, I urge our governments and political elites to awaken to this reality, embrace compassion and reason, and implement policies that promotes human dignity and our collective progress.”

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